1. Berlin day #3

    Our third day in Berlin was dedicated to seeking out the abandoned buildings that we had researched before we left. The first building we tried was an old ice factory near the Ostbahnhof train station. As we walked on the bridge over the partially frozen river we saw a man walking out onto it which was a little crazy considering how cold the water must have been! We got into the ice factory fairly easily, it’s obviously a photographic/homeless hotspot and so that was a nice easy introduction to hopping fences! The factory itself had been gutted and hardly any machinery was left in place. People had obviously been squatting due to the amount of rubbish lying around and we were quite apprehensive of finding some people still there. The place had some crazy graffiti that had obviously built up over the years. 

    After leaving this place we headed to a place just around the corner but after accessing the grounds we could see it was definitely inhabited and the last thing we wanted was to get into trouble in a foreign country! We decided to give up and then head for an old school building on the other side of Berlin.

    Arriving at the school it looked like it had been a magnificent building; exactly what you would expect from institutions from it’s time. We heard some voices quite clearly and were weary of them but it turned out they were just a group of American kids playing around in a scary building for fun. Going in the entrance we were confronted with a warning; “My idea of fun, is killing everyone” I seem to remember it reading! We walked two floors of this place before heading out into another building and walking back to the station. 

    From here we went to an amazing bookshop which our tutors had recommended, it had sections for all the different types of art and design subjects and was really interesting. We then went to a local gallery called CameraWorks however it was closed and so we wandered until we ended up in a very expensive shopping mall; looking decidedly out of place.

    (Source: flickr.com)

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