1. One cold misty morning in late 2013 I had the experience of a lifetime documenting Michelle and Darren’s Pagan Handfasting ceremony at Stonehenge. Taking place a year and a day before their wedding (as the tradition goes) the ceremony at Stonehenge was unlike anything I had attended before and took place infront of strangers at sunrise!

    Getting a chance to photograph the complete process has been wonderful. Michelle and Darren have been amazing to work with and have such a great family. Photographing this wedding was short a intense couple of hours shaking me up and getting me back into shooting weddings. Michelle and Darren were so lovely on the day and they’re insistence I joined them for a pre-dinner drink was very welcome (and calming!)


  2. Assisting Philip Haynes.

    Born from an idea that Philip just couldn’t shake (and thankfully didn’t!) 'Respect All. Fear None.' is a personal project in collaboration with CGI agency FutureDeluxe. Culminating in a dramatic tableau, as pictured above, the project hones in on the return of the Rugby World Cup to British soil and the pure power and determination of rugby heroes.

    Assisting Philip allowed me to gain huge insight into working on set and shooting in preparation for CGI. I got the chance to get stuck in, do whatever was needed and it was exactly what I had hoped for. Philip was a great guy, explaining his working process through-out the day and is hands on (as you’ll see from his demonstrations in the BTS video!) which helped everyone understand his vision for the project.

    Working on this has blown my mind a little in considering what the real boundaries of photography are and it’ll be awesome to see what this partnership comes up with next.

    I HIGHLY recommend checking out Philip’s blog for his take on the work and some snapshots of the CGI process (they’re insane) but for now the BTS film is below.


  3. Kerry and Ian.

    Kerry and Ian’s day has been long in the planning and it went off without a hitch (except the marital kind!) last weekend. Photographing a wedding can be such a blur but what stands out is how much of a pairing Kerry and Ian are.

    I’ve known Kerry since being at uni and being asked to photograph her wedding was a sweet surprise and one that I absolutely loved - even if unnerving as she herself is a photographer! Looking absolutely stunning in her dress Kerry wore Converse during the ceremony (this is why we get on). 

    I had such a wonderful time at this wedding and all of Kerry and Ian’s homemade touches made the day feel really personal and it was so special to be allowed to enjoy it with them.

    Love you guys!

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  4. Two weeks ago I got the chance to work with Jonathan Minster (who you really should check out!) I spent the day arranging a selection of glasses and then a winter accessories shoot that is yet to be published for ES Magazine. 

    Getting the chance to work at the paper’s HQ was great and Jonathan’s kit is insane. It all feels a little boring using my camera after getting to play with 5x4 for the first time since uni.



  6. I am excited to announce that my book ‘Spoons & Forks’ will be included in the London Art Book Fair this year at London’s Whitechapel gallery. Taking place from the 26th until 28th @TheLABF is free and houses contemporary book works from over 80 publishers worldwide.

    I’m a little worried about being around such amazing books since the small publishers fair last year left me with an empty wallet - this is going to be a treasure trove I can tell!

    If you are a London based it will be a great event and you can check out any scheduled talks etc here. I will manning the bookRoom stall on Saturday so say hello!


  7. So I have entered the world of print journalism! Having written for VADA & now being part of the team at EQView I was lucky enough to intern at Attitude magazine

    As intern I worked alongside Assistant Editor on the property section (mostly) & above are two small snippets. Obviously you have all seen it because you already subscribe to the UK’s best-selling LGBT magazine but if you have mislaid your copy you can get the digital version here.

    Since being at Attitude I have worked on a few other projects as an assistant photographer but still waiting for them to be published. As soon as I know, you’ll know!



  9. My time on Eigg encouraged a few angles I wouldn’t normally try.

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  10. Cave exploring on Eigg.

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