1. My time on Eigg encouraged a few angles I wouldn’t normally try.

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  2. Cave exploring on Eigg.

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  3. Singing sands.

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  4. The Isle of Eigg is quite possibly my favourite place EVER. Just off of the Scottish coast the Isle is populated by just 80 (or so) inhabitants which makes it a perfect place for a summer getaway.┬áNaturally I have taken hundreds of pictures and so I’ll slowly be publishing a select few.


    (Source: jackattridge.co.uk)


  5. I went to the beach. I took a selfie. I saw a very small dog.


  6. Can I be nostalgic about a trip I took two weeks ago? Things are busy but that is exactly how I like it.


  7. It’s true I’ve been offline a bit but it is also true I have been on an adventure or two. Adventure one consists of camping, rain, walking, rain, a small car called Rory and more rain.



  9. The Battle Proms Concert at Hatfield House yesterday was a perfectly British affair - despite the weather which stayed lovely!

    With a huge crowd of 8,000 people the afternoon was a great success and fun for all ages. Here are a few photos from the evening featuring members of the mounted cavalry, historical societies and Hertfordshire Army Cadets.

    More on the way!


  10. Yes, Greg Heisler - Yes!