1. Awful quality but the first step of something I am working on. 

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  2. I interviewed the talented Katherine Clarke recently for VADA magazine. Be sure to follow her Tumblr, asplinteredsight, and check out our interview here!


  3. So it turns out Stevenage does have wildlife, not just feral children. 


  4. "Six photographs: René Burri" - Amazing man, easily worth ten minutes of your time.


  5. My website has been redone to show off some new work and accommodate for my writing and retouching work, click through to check it out.


  6. My article for VADA magazine is now online. It’s all about Sheila Rock’s new book PUNK+. Give it a read by clicking here » HERE «

    If you could reblog this and spread the word about this new start up magazine focusing on (but not limited to) LGBTQ issues and concerns I’d be very grateful! 

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  7. I’m being a naughty boy and posting some of my pictures from the Sheila Rock PUNK+ launch before they go live on VADA. I had an awesome time at this launch and you should definitely check out Sheila’s work.

    Article coming up once it has been published! 


  8. Collective Body.

    So for the last couple of months Ihave had a side project going on alongside all my uni work called ‘collective body’. It’s a project that involves creating a project with four other universities around the world.

    Today we had the project resolution over a Skype conference call which was hilarious and decidedly fun as I have no deadlines to worry about at the moment. It lasted just over and hour and was between us in Farnham (UK), Leeds (UK), South Korea, Canada and India. We all spoke about our work in turn and gave feedback before letting Korea go to bed and Canada have their breakfast!

    Afterwards we had a little chat about what we are going to be doing in regards to exhibiting the work. There’s been a bit of a mix up and so we are not sure exactly where our venue is for certain but it is going to happen somewhere regardless!

    Above is a mock up of what one of my images will look like and a phone snap of the conference set - up. I’m going to print the image which was supplied by my partner in Leeds and then write over it before framing it and displaying it nice and small somewhere.


  9. I haven’t posted in a while, sorry.

    In other news I found this picture on my phone of some work which went missing during my A-levels - I only have the trial versions of which this is a phone snap of but I wanted to share it regardless. 

    I’m hoping to do more work in the darkroom in this style again. 

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  10. Come to my first exhibition in London! I hope to see you at the private view, please reblog if you like my work :)